Year’s Best Aussie list

My ordered copy of Ellen’s Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2007 arrived today. I took time out to scour the TOC and Honourable Mentions for the Aussies. It was nice to see two for me this year, plus some for some deserving friends and Brimstone Pressees.

As best as I can tell, this is the complete list of Aussies in the antho:

Battersby, Lee, “Father Muerte and the Flesh”, Aurealis #36
Dowling, Terry, “La Profonde”, Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear
Lanagan, Margo, “A Pig’s Whisper”, Red Spikes
Warren, Kaaron, “Dead Sea Fruit”, Fantasy #4

Honourable Mentions
Battersby, Lee, “Dark Ages”, Through Soft Air
– “Elyse”, Ibid.
Biancotti, Deborah, “Stealing Free”, Agog! Ripping Reads
– “Surrender 1: Rope Artist”, Shadowed Reams #9
Brown, Simon, “Tarans”, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #24
– “The Cup of Nestor”, Troy
Burrage, Nathan, “The Sidpa Bardo”, Shadowed Realms #10
Cain, James R, “The Thing in the Park”, Dark Wisdom #10
Campisi, Stephanie, “Why the Balloon Man Floats Away”, Fantasy #4
Carroll, Monica, “Sacrifice For the Nation”, The Outcast
Caselberg, Jay, “Early”, Dark Wisdom #10
– “Empties”, Aurealis #36
Cummings, Shane Jiraiya, “Genesis Six”, Apex Digest #8
– “Prescience”, Borderlands #8
Dedman, Stephen, “Dead of Winter”, Weird Tales #339
Dowling, Terry, “Cheat Light”, Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear
Dugan, Grace, “The Conqueror”, Eidolon I
Flinthart, Dirk, “One Night Stand”, Agog! Ripping Reads
Haines, Paul, “Burning from the Inside”, Doorways for the Dispossessed
– “Lifelike and Josephine”, Agog! Ripping Reads
– “Mnemophonic”, Doorways for the Dispossessed
Harland, Richard, “Domestic Arrangements”, C0ck
– “On the Way to Habassan”, The Outcast
Jamieson, Trent, “Persuasion”, Reserved for Travelling Shows
Lanagan, Margo, “Daughter of the Clay”, Red Spikes
– “A Fine Magic”, Eidolon I
– “A Good Heart”, Red Spikes
– “Hero Vale”, Ibid.
– “Monkey’s Paternoster”, Ibid.
– “Mouse Maker”, Ibid.
– “The Point of Roses”, Black Juice (UK edition)
Law, Jarrod, “Josephine”, Borderlands #7
Lawson, Chris, “Heironymus Boche”, Eidolon I
Livings, Martin, “Mine”, The Outcast
Macrae, Andrew, “Truckdreamin”, Agog! Ripping Reads
Maloney, Geoffrey, “The Confessions of Imray”, When Graveyards Yawn
McArthur, Maxine, “Bakemono”, The Outcast
McDermott, Kirstyn, “Cold”, Shadowed Realms #9
McMullen, Sean, “The Measure of Eternity”, Interzone #205
Munro, Emma, “Spare Parts”, Borderlands #6
Peek, Ben, “theleeharveyoswaldband”, Polyphony 6
– “Under the Red Sun”, Fantasy #4
Read, Nigel & Battersby, Lee, “Instinct”, ASIM #23
Roberts, Tansy Rayner, “Rosebuds”, Agog! Ripping Reads
Riley, Barry, “The Overcoat”, Dark Animus #9
Slatter, Angela, “Bluebeard”, Shimmer (Summer issue)
– “The Angel Wood”, Shimmer (Autumn issue)
– “The Little Match Girl”, Shimmer (Spring issue)
Sparks, Cat, “Blue Stars for All Saviour’s Day”, The Outcast
Tambour, Anna, “See Here, See There”, Agog! Ripping Reads
– “The Cat Story”, ASIM #24
Ward, Kyla, “The Bat’s Boudoir”, Shadowed Realms #9
Wardle, Susan, “Iron Shirt”, Ticonderoga Online #10
Warren, Kaaron, “The Gibbet Bell”, Borderlands #8
– “Woman Train”, The Outcast
Williams, Sean & Brown, Simon, “Dying for Air”, ASIM #23
Witteveen, David, “Ache”, Hardboiled Cthulhu

and a HM for one of the four originals in Book of Shadows:
Trimm, Mikal, “Still Born”, Book of Shadows Volume One