Year of the Tiger

Let me tell you something about myself: in Chinese astrology, I was born under the sign of the Tiger (the Wood Tiger for all you astrologers). This makes me a leader, a competitor, an occasional arsehole with a heart of gold.

This year (starting Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day!) is the Year of the Tiger. I’ve been waiting for 2010 for several years now.
It’s going to be a year of turmoil for many, but we Tigers are destined to lap up the chaos and make our mark. Publishing wise (as I’ve recounted in my previous post), I had a big year in 2009, but nothing like what I’m about to experience. I’ll take the lessons I’ve learned, both good and bad, positive and negative, and apply the heck out of them this year when it comes to writing. I’m off to a sluggish start, but the Year of the Tiger proper hasn’t yet started.
However, I have BIG projects ahead of me, some of which are even expected by publishers, and in fact, I was approached just a few hours ago to be part of a possible high profile book in the US (if it goes ahead) – so the signs are already looking good.
This is the year I transform myself into a professional full-time writer, and I’m prepared to kick arse and take names in order to achieve this. Watch out, universe, here I come!