Yeah … just yeah

For the longest time I’ve been a slave to this whole blog thing, but for the last week or two I haven’t looked in on the blogosphere. Not once. The whole damn thing is quite liberating – holes have opened up in my schedule! I’m even starting to clear my email backlog! Huzzah!

The importance of this is that I’m writing this post without an iota of understanding of what other people are up to, writing, or doing (unless of course they post on the Shadowed Realms message board, which I still peruse). It’s like writing from the void – and it is very liberating.


Despite not having written for an even longer time than the longest time, I’ve found time to edit and polish a few of my stories. I even submitted one or two, which puts me back in the game, as it were.

I was told today that my newest story, “Memoirs of a Teenage Antichrist” has penetrated the final shortlist at ASIM and stands a fighting chance of publication.

I have also disovered that excellent WA SF journal, Borderlands, have launched issue 8 containing my short and funky story “Prescience“. Here’s the cover:

In even more excellent news, I have a couple of projects for which my services have been solicited.

The first of these is the Apex Publications ‘featured author’ anthology for 2007: Gratia Placenti (for the sake of pleasing). Fascinating topic, although it is vexing me. Fie, I say! Fie!

The most recent solication, and one I’m particularly excited about, is my participation in the upcoming Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG fiction anthology Cthulhu’s Dark Cults. It is about time I took a full tilt at the Great Old Ones, and thanks to David Conyers, I now have the chance to stake out my own little corner of Lovecraft’s Mythos.

I tried to pick up some Call of Cthulhu books from the one and only store in Perth I know that sells RPG books, but alas they had sold out of all the cool books, leaving only the cruddy supplements nobody likes. I consoled myself with buying an Institute CD (thanks for the tip, Matt!). Institute sound like Bush (one of my favourite bands) – probably because Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale does their vocals) but they have more of a rock vibe.