Writers of the Future

Out of the blue, I received an email from L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. I had entered my story, Blasphemy on Eight Wheels, in their 3rd quarter contest this year, and it seems Blasphemy placed in the Quarter Finals of the contest.

So now I am a Quarter finalist in the Writers of the Future contest! Cool.

I should be pleased, and I am. Yet, while this placing has outshone potentially hundreds of other stories, it falls just short of what I believe my potential to be. I don’t wish to appear ungracious, because I am honoured to have climbed so high in the pile. It’s just that I set professional standards for myself, and those standards include landing professional publications. A nice 1st, 2nd, or 3rd would be ideal. So that’s what I’m striving for. A placing means prize money, and MOST importantly, publication in their annual anthology. A mass market anthology.

Bouyed on by this snippet of success, I’m weighing up which story to next enter. I only have less than 2 weeks before the next contest deadline, so I can’t write something new (unless it’s inspired and spontaneous of course!). I’m currently debating between Genesis Six, and The Black Door, with a leaning towards the former. My real preference would be Alley of Dead Whores, as this is perhaps my strongest unpublished piece, but a tingle in my bones tells me this is still in serious consideration for an appearance in The Third Alternative.

Decisions, decisions.

Elsewhere, I was meant to attend the KSP SF writers group today, but a niggling illness prevented me at the last minute. After dosing up with pills, and plenty of generous energy from Ange (and lots of organisation), we took Matt’s old couches up to the abode of the Jacquii. We spent a leisurely few hours sipping non-pesticidal teas and admiring their burgeoning vegie patch.

Ange and I also had a good chat, and are well on our way to deciding the stories for the upcoming issues of Shadowed Realms. This point in the slushpile is damn, damn hard, because we have easily twenty stories that are all extremely publishable, but we only have room for less than half that number. We’re forcing ourselves to be ruthless, but believe the end result will be worth it. The tone of the upcoming issues is certainly taboo, with a number of twisted, macabre stories on the way.