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This is what we term in the blogging industry as a ‘filler post’. This is one of those journal-style entries I’ll look back on and say to myself, ‘oh, that’s what you were doing at that stage’. Everyone else, zone out now.

Here’s a random sampling until I have more world-shattering stuff to jot down:

My flash story, The Mirror Speaks, has been picked up by ‘Nuke’ at Antipodean SF for Issue 94 (March 06). Another of my micros, A Killer Smile (otherwise known as that weird little story on the Shadowed Realms bookmarks) will be appearing in the next issue of AntiSF (out in about 2 weeks time).

I like supporting Nuke because AntiSF was responsible for publishing my very first short story, and like other Aussie webzine editors, he’s kickin’ on without expectation of financial reward. I’m pretty sure that when novel number thirty comes out in the dim dark future (okay, that’s a huge ‘fingers crossed’), I’ll still be sending in flash fiction to Antipodean SF (and Shadowed Realms, of course!).

In other writing news, I’m actually writing! Yeah, there’s been a fair bit of editing work (and still going, but Shadow Box is fully up to date, woot!), but I’ve given myself a schedule, and this has helped.

Yesterday I cracked out 1500 words on a new ending for Clarion story Chasing Jormungand. ‘Jormungand’ is one of the ‘last great hope’ stories – loved by the majority at CS, and filled with many cool and quirky bits. I’ve taken Scott W’s advice and significantly rewritten the entire thing with a pseudo-scientific slant. In the process, it’s almost doubled in size to just shy of 7k words.

The story also boasts what I think are some great lines, like:
… (your gaze) finally settles on the image of Ron McD (a name shortened, or ‘sharpened’ as the marketing hype goes, for the modern attention span) clutching a salad roll. His lined, pallid face and orange steel-wool hair mismatched with his business suit.


You fend the man off with a well-timed kick to the face and then lead the crowd in a rendition of ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport’.

A note for Clarionites: The ‘dready’ guy is no longer killed in a car crash at the end! It all ends rather un-horror-writerly (but cooler, there’s always coolness).

The cool thing [nice juxtaposition of the phrase there] about doing Clarion South, and the editing overdrive I’ve been on for the past six months, is that I feel my short stories are now contenders for pro markets, not just slush fodder. I’ve been bouyed by the KSP shortlisting, and the recent sale to Ticonderoga Online. I also recently received a very promising rejection (it’s a writer thing, measuring the quality scale of rejections, is it not?) from Strange Horizons, who said the story in question (a 2005 rewrite on Genesis Six) had ‘some genuinely beautiful moments’. Nice comment for an apocalyptic piece about a mother’s loss of hope. 😉

Ange and I stuck our heads into Simon Haynes’ Hal Spacejock launch last night, held at Dymocks Cannington. The launch was well-attended (I counted somewhere between 30-50, but clearly not all that closely), and the festivities were festive. We even snagged ourselves a signed copy of the book in question.

Oh, and to finish, a quick quiz:
What do Paul Haines and Joseph Paul Haines have in common (aside from both being skilled writers and sharing the same name)?
The answer: you’ll find out in within 24 hours.

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