Workin’ out

I’ve been maintaining (up until today, at least) a daily 3km walk and a hard 20-30 minute cycle. Those queens of fitness, Suzanne and Susan, would be so proud!

Looks like tomorrow is going to be hard in different ways. Ange disappeared this morning, only to reappear in the afternoon with a very large truck full of girders and heavy steel plates. Looks like she’s fixin’ to build something. 😉 The mood strikes her every so often.

In other forms of working out, I did a short notice interview yesterday (karma’s way of telling me the course fell through for a reason, no doubt). Why is it that when you apply for a position as an editor, journalist, or anything in the communications field, you always end up doing some form of writing assignment to prove yourself? I’ve had three interviews in the last few months, two for magazine editor gigs, and one for the State govt (in publications), and in all three instances, they’ve asked me to do some form of test (write an article, edit this, layout that, etc.) I don’t begrudge their caution (and in fact I take a perverse pleasure in doing these things), but it’s clear writing samples and qualifications aren’t enough these days. When was the last time a labourer was tested to see how much he could lift? Or a teacher asked to instruct an impromptu gathering of kids? I understand it, but it does seem a selective standard.