In relation to my previous post, my word for the day is abecedarian

a·be·ce·dar·i·an ( P ) Pronunciation Key (b-s-dâr-n)
One who teaches or studies the alphabet.
One who is just learning; a beginner.

Having to do with the alphabet.
Being arranged alphabetically.
Elementary or rudimentary.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

In other word related stuff, I’ve just posted a review of Borderlands #5 over at HorrorScope. Check it out (and all the other cool reviews and news)!

Earlier today, I bled my printer (and paper) dry printing out a ream of submissions and an even bigger ream of stories to send to the Aurealis Awards judges

One of my submissions was the fully completed, edited to the nth degree, Chasing Jormungand. I’ve hung onto it since February (it was written in the last week of Clarion South), partly because it needed a major rewrite of the ending. Also partly because the comments I received were so positive and pointing to a closely matched suitability to a major market, that I didn’t want to ‘put the mockers’ on it until I knew it was absolutely 100% right to go.

Now it is, and now it has (gone, that is). Everything of mine that can be crossed has been crossed. Perhaps I’m too attached? I don’t normally gush over ‘prospects’, but it always seems the story you write which is totally outside your normal range (Jormungand is light hearted science fiction – NOT what I normally write) is the story that brings you success.

And because I can’t contain myself, here is the opening passage:

Dr. Kane believes this to be the greatest yawn in history.

More intense than the Beijing Yawn of 1982, the so-called the Dragon Yawn, and far more widespread than the 2005 Bradbury-Clarke yawn which spread through the US East Coast like an avenging plague.

Footnote: This story, critiqued by 16 tired Clarionites who had endured five prior weeks of gruelling days and nights of writing-editing-critting-no sleep-writing-editing-criting, was the height of cruelty. Do you think there was a closed mouth in the dorm block that night when everyone read a story about yawns? *maniacal laugh*