1. Anonymous says:

    I'm reading Kim Wilkins' backlist at the moment and enjoying it quite a lot.

    Cheers, Nathan.

  2. Felicity Dowker says:

    Lots of potential answers to this question. I'll brood on it. However, Will Elliott springs to mind immediately. "The Pilo Family Circus" was excellent and I'm excited about "Strange Places".

  3. Benjamin Solah says:

    Will Elliot is certainly on my list, as well as Felicity Dowker.

    I'd hope people would be eager to see what I've got when I finally get something published.

  4. Ben Payne says:

    Off the top of my head (sorry to anyone I forget):

    Peter Ball
    Stephanie Campisi
    Angela Slatter
    Rjurik Davidson
    Miranda Siemienowicz

    And always Deb Biancotti…

  5. Alisa Krasnostein says:

    Ha Ben – that's what I was gonna say. Was also going to ask if "horror" includes paranormal romance stuff … if so, what Ben said.

  6. Australian Online Bookshop says:

    Will Elliot for sure. Loved Pilo Family Circus and Strange places although biographical, looks to be a great read too.

  7. Brian G Ross says:

    I really should read more short fiction. I keep tellin' myself that if I want to write the stuff I should at least spend a fair chunk of time readin' them!

    Maybe now is as good a time as any to start…