Where there’s a will…

Ange and I had our wills done today. You know, last will and testament, kinda thing.

My will was fine, although we did have a semi-heated debate, fraught with confusion, with the oldish woman doing the will. She didn’t quite get the concept that (because of complication and protracted property settlement issues) we each will bequeath everything to the other, on the proviso we outlive the other for more than 3 months. Less than 3 months, it all goes to our respective families.

Somehow, the woman didn’t get that, so we had this obscure debate about personal effects and jewellry. Odd. Thankfully, the penny dropped in the end and all is sorted.

Ange’s will is more complicated – owing to the other legal issues. After it’s all settled, we’ll go back and redraw the wills, just to be on the safe side.

Other than that, Ange dragged me to the shops to try on a spunky new shirt. As I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing (she made me get a *smaller* shirt than the one we first bought – and let’s face it, there’s not much in their trendy, metrosexual line for a barrel-shaped walrus), we did the business and promptly left, but not before scoring a little bit of sushi and new king sized sheets.

Yes, life can be dull sometimes, but having a king-sized bed often makes up for it!