We’re back!

The poll has been decided. People reckon I’m a writer, which gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Speaking of which, a few things have given me renewed energy on the writing front…

Although it has yet to be publicly announced (and may not be for a while yet), I’m very proud to share the news that I’m the incoming Vice President of the Australian Horror Writers Association, the world’s second largest (and fastest growing) organisation for dark fiction writers.

And on the subject of horror, it was tremendously invigorating to walk into the local newsagent and see seven copies of BLACK Australian Dark Culture at the top of the mag shelf. THEN I had the good fortune to pop into the local Dymocks store, which looks like it has just converted one of its SF/F aisles into a dedicated ‘Paranormal fiction’ section. Different name but same result. Horror is back, baby! Yeah!