Weird SJC stuff on the web (part 1)

Occasionally, Google Alerts inform me of strangeness involving my name on the interwebs. A recent alert showed that at least one person has been thrown off course by the ‘Jiraiya’ in my name.

They ask:  What is the nationality of Shane Jiraiya Cummings, the Australian horror short story writer and editor?

Incredibly (to some, perhaps), the answer is ‘Australian’.

In other web search related news, there’s all sorts of funkiness with the name Jiraiya mixing me in with Naruto fans and whatnot, plus I get a lot of traffic from martial artists trawling my site for info on ninjutsu and Sports Chanbara (in fact, more than writing-related searches at this point in my career). I’ll discuss the weirdness of all this in a post soon.