Under the Radar

I’ve been officially under the radar following the conclusion of Clarion South 2005. These last two weeks have been a glorious (and occasionally tumultuous) time to reconnect with Ange and the kinderlings (and the poodle, of course) after such a prolonged absence.

As the days stretch out into weeks, I feel myself easing back into humanity. I’ve been domestic, lopping trees with chainsaws, and integrating myself into the newly created household roster among other things. I’ve had the chance to let my hair down (proverbially) at Adventure World with Ange, Hayley, and sister-in-law Sarah. I’ve also had the chance to do many more things, but none as important as lazing around home with family surrounding me.

Much still needs to be said of my time at Clarion South, but for the meantime (as I continue to get my shit together) I have provided a cursory overview of the Clarion South facts and figures.

Clarion South 2005 stats (stolen with appreciation from Jun Aras):

Number of students: 17
Number of stories: 103
Average reading load per day: 14,662
Average writing load per student: 25,875
Total Wordcount: 439,870
Heaviest Daily Reading Load: 22,900
Lightest Daily Reading Load: 5,800
Longest story: 12,100 (a collaboration)
Longest single-author story: 9,600
Average story length: 4,271

My stats:
Clarion Stories: 8
Singing in Prague: 3,300 words
The Cutting Room: 3,400 words
The Garden Shed Pact: 4,200 words
Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon: 7,300 words
Yamabushi Kaidan and the Ghost of Musashi: 5,000 words
Razor Blade Anthropology (Geurdon for the Beautiful People): 3,300 words
Shadow of the World Eater [collaboration with Suzanne Church]: 8,000 words
Chasing Jormungand: 3,900 words

AVERAGE story length: 4,800
TOTAL wordcount (official): 38,400

Other incomplete works:
Hunting the Angel of Midnight: 500 words
The Moonlight Man: 200 words
Harbinger: 800 words

TOTAL wordcount: 39,900

More Clarion stuff will follow soon, as will regular blogging some time in the near future. I also need to catch up on my correspondence, and a whole bunch of editorly, writerly and other stuff. Right now though, I’m in the wake of Ange’s midnight departure for her call-in youth worky type job. These hours will take some getting used to.

There is however a feeling of optimism we both share right now. It’s the chinese Year of the Rooster – a year proclaimed to be one of great prosperity and well-being for a Wood Tiger such as myself. The expected career success and achievement of at least one major ambition this year (according to the horoscope) will make a huge difference from the financial and career frustration of last year – the Year of the Monkey. Dammit, Monkeys are a Tiger’s mortal enemy, so no wonder I felt a little like I was going nowhere last year. At least the future years augur wild success… if you believe in that stuff.