Uber Upgrade v1.0

The last twenty four hours have disappeared in blurred bundle of black, white and grey, interspersed with far too little sleep.

Yes, I have spent considerable time on the computer after Ange inadvertently showed me a short cut to web page design. After a flurry of activity, in which I have blooded myself as a wannabe graphic manipulator and web fiend, my uber new website is now proudly standing tall in the scary vastness of the W W W.

Check it out – www.ascension.com.au/jiraiya

I am very proud to say every image and banner has been personally sourced and manipulated/enhanced by yours truly. So if you reckon it’s crap – the blame lies conveniently with me!

I have attempted to give the site a very atmospheric, pseudo gothic look. A bit like the Blair Witch project meets Lord Byron. In my sleepless haze, I realise the graphically intense look now dramatically slows down the load time. But I think the result is worth it. Also due to tiredness, I threw some conflicting images together in my pursuit of Frankensteinian perfection. I have ironed out many of the design flaws, but some persist, particularly when it comes to conflicting tastes.

All I need to do now is figure out how to ‘universalise’ the fonts. I have a tendency to use ‘Viner Hand ITC’ font, but I know its not widely out there. My understanding is – if the font isn’t on someone’s computer, then a dodgy replacement font comes up instead. Jacqui has given me some advice of backup fonts, and Damien believes I should use more images. Unfortunately the later gets a bit tricky.

Stay tuned and keep returning. The site should improve with the passage of time. If you take pity on me, download Viner Hand ITC font!

In other (badly neglected) areas of life – I have the final draft of Genesis Six staring me in the face, waiting for the last round of corrections. Disparate Whispers needs a few minor touchups before I deliver the full manuscript to the TAG Hungerford Award crew. More stories are rolling in for Shadowed Realms, many of them quite exceptional; and I am entering On Dark Clouds Borne into the Aurealis Awards (to be followed by Hear No Evil and Sobek’s Tears, when their respective publications come out).

Oh, and I’m lodging an application for a web design course at TAFE tomorrow. Should be a fun couple of days, as I also plan on handing in my formal resignation from Centrelink.