Uber upgrade in progress!

Uber nerdiness (but virtual coolness)

Yes, I’ve officially join the ranks of the IT nerds – at least in spirit. While I’m officially learning only bits and pieces from my web design TAFE course, it’s the ‘between the lines’ stuff that really pulsates the brain nodes. Armed with copies of Flash MX, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks, I’m attacking my website with gusto. For examples of my latest handiwork – check out the Harbinger and Outcast introductions/teasers. Crank up the volume and give it a few moments to load.

The site is now a virtual labyrinth, with the Harbinger and Disparate Whispers sub sites branching off from the main (themed) pages. It may annoy those logical left brainers out there, but those with creative leanings may enjoy wandering dazedly through the labyrith. Enjoy!

Testing times

Speaking of brained-ness, I’ve done a number of thinking and learning tests of late – to determine what type of a learner I am, how I process information etc. Here are the results:

TEST 1 – Thinking styles

Right brained (creative)

Equal audio and visual learner.

This means I am slightly more creative than logical, and learn best with a combination of listening and seeing (although either method may work equally as well).

TEST 2 – Thinking styles

Balanced brain

Equal audio and visual learner.

Like Test 1, except my right brain/creative bias is gone, and I am one of those truly rare, absolutely middle-brained people who is adaptable to a number of learning methods. Note – this was a more exhaustive test.

TEST 3 – Learning style (Grouper or Stringer)


A grouper is someone who processes information on a grand scale. I need to understand the big picture before starting a task, otherwise I will get lost. Performing tasks in a sequential order is difficult for me. I have a tendency to start and manage several projects simultaneously.

Note – the other style of learning style is a Stringer – a more logical based person who likes to perform tasks in a sequential order, and needs little ‘breadcrumbs’ of information to form a big picture at the end.

TEST 4 – Strong Intelligences (Natural Strengths)



(According to Gardner’s 7 intelligences, there is also Intrapersonal, Visual/Spatial, Logical/Maths, Musical, and Bodily/Physical – which I ranked in this order).

This means my natural strengths are in communication, writing, reading, and understanding emotions. I am not as gifted with musical, mathematical or physical tasks.

If you’re interested in doing a test, I’d suggest searching Google for Brain.exe. This is one of the tests I did, and it offers a random selection of questions each time you do it. Very insightful! Just beware, it’s a US constructed quiz, so some questions have a US cultural bias.


I think I’m developing a problem. In lieu of drinking Coke, I think I’m becoming addicted to submitting stories (that is, sending my stories to publications). I have about twenty floating around in cyberspace, and now I’m moving into sending out reprints before the Chickens have even hatched. At least there’s a nice buzz when one finds a home. Speaking of which…

Practical Joke is now shortlisted for inclusion in ASIM. This now not so long since Ian floundered in the slushpile after being put on the short list. I’m assured being on the ASIM shortlist is an honour – very few stories actually make it that far. I’ll just breathe a sigh of relief once a story of mine is finally accepted there. Too many close calls is hard on the ticker.

On the subject of Ian, I received an encouraging 50 day rejection from Ideomancer, asking me to send further stories in. It seems ASIM and Ideomancer are my bogey markets. They’ve both rejected some fine stuff. Oh well – next! My submission fix will be sustained for another night.