Today (and yesterday), I spent intellectually tinkering.

In between writing a few hundred Harbinger words, and sending out a dozen odd media releases (to writing centres, news groups etc) for Shadowed Realms, I pottered with neglected housework, and formulated some very, very strange ideas.

One of these ideas may well become a series of stories, or even novellas, under the banner of Feral Australis. The concept is just too strange to explain while still in its embryonic stages – but let’s say it involves a near future of artificial intelligence, worldwide extinction, and marsupials.

Aside from tinkering and coming up with strange ideas, I am eagerly scouring the net for fallout from the unexpected arrival of Shadowed Realms on the Australian speculative fiction horizon. I know it has reached the Vision and Stromatolights news groups, and people seem to be scratching their heads over it. I can’t wait to see the type of submissions that roll in.

Also today, I did some research on grants. I’m sincerely hoping to raise the payment for Shadowed Realms contributors. I’m hoping to hit professional rates of 5c/word, at least for the flash stories. I just hope ArtsWA or the Australia Council will come to the party. In the meantime, rates remain funded by personal monies only – so therefore it is $10/flash story and $20/feature story.

Oh yes, on the writing front, despite my recalcitrant few days, On Dark Clouds Borne is being considered for issue 4 of The Book of Dark Wisdom. I sent Blasphemy on Eight Wheels to the Writers of the Future contest in the US, and Kraken to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. The latter is a long shot, but as ever, I remain optimistic.