Tin Ducks

On the subject of awards, the first of the Aussie SF public nomination awards – Western Australia’s Tin Duck Awards – are now open for people to recommend/nominate works.

Last year, I listed everything I thought eligible in the categories I know (the professional fiction ones). This year, I’m going to be more selfish and just post the stuff I read and enjoyed (which admittedly had a dark focus).

If you disagree with what I recommend, then go your own way. We’re in a democracy, after all, and I’m certainly not the fountain of all knowledge.

The best thing about this year’s awards is that they have a handy online entry form (similar to the Stoker Awards), which is convenient and cool. You’ll find it here.

So, I’d like to recommend the following works by West Aussies to any Swancon goers out there:

Best Professional Long Fiction
Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch by Simon Haynes (Fremantle Press)

Best Professional Short Fiction
“Teeth” by Stephen Dedman (Clarkesworld Magazine)
“Just Us” by Pete Kempshall (Voices, ed. Mark S. Deniz & Amanda Pillar)
“A Picture of Death” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Voices, ed. Mark S. Deniz & Amanda Pillar)
“Bed Bugs” by Martin Livings (Voices, ed. Mark S. Deniz & Amanda Pillar)
“The Claws of Native Ghosts” by Lee Battersby (The Beast Within, ed. Matt Hults)

Best Professional Production
Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine, edited by Angela Challis
Black Box, edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Best Fan Production
HorrorScope (http://ozhorrorscope.blogspot.com/)
Eclectism, edited by Craig Bezant*
Studies in Australian Weird Fiction, edited by Benjamin Szumskyj*

Now, go forth and nominate!

* Not sure if these qualify in the Fan/Unpaid or Professional categories.