Tin Duck nominations!

The list of nominees for the ‘Tin Ducks’ (the Western Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards) has been released. With a certain amount of pride and suprise, I’m pleased to say that not only has Shadowed Realms been given a nod in the Professional Production category, but I also picked up a personal nomination in the Professional Fiction category for Sobek’s Tears, which appeared in Aurealis #33-35.

The winners will be announced at Swancon XXX over the Easter weekend. Full details and voting information appears at the Swancon website

Here’s the list for the idly curious:


Lee Battersby, ‘Tales of Nireym’, Orb 6
K.A. Bedford, Orbital Burn
Shane Jiraiya Cummings, ‘Sobek’s Tears’, Aurealis 33–35
Stephen Dedman, ‘The Facts in Dr Van Helsing’s Case’, ASIM 11
Simon Haynes, Hal Spacejock: Just Desserts
Dave Luckett, ‘By The Sweat of Your Brow’, Borderlands 3
Adam Wieland, ‘A Life in Art’, Shadowed Realms


Lily Chrywenstrom, ‘The Snow Queen’, Gynaezine 2
Cathy Cupitt, ‘Falling Stars’, www.livejournal/user/cupidsbow
Liz Grzyb, ‘Cabbages & Singing Candlesticks’, Fables & Reflections 6


Gina Goddard, ‘Loving the Vampire’, Gynaezine 2
Michael McAvan, ‘Men and Wolves: Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and the New Age Men’s Movement’, Borderlands 3
Grant Watson, ‘Bad Film Diaries’, Borderlands 3


Alicia Smith Wonderful Things (Web-shop/Gallery)
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 11
Borderlands magazine Issue 3
Shadowed Realms Magazine


Fables & Reflections 6
Gynaezine 2
Swancon XXX Launch Video


Troy Kealley, ‘The Snow Queen’, Gynaezine 2
Colin Sharpe, Illustration for “Unreal City”, Borderlands 3
Alicia Smith, ‘Skein Dogs’, Fables & Reflections 6
Alicia Smith, Mythmeet (Colour Version)
Tiki Swain, Cover Art, Gynaezine 2
Sarah Xu, ‘Emotions’, Gynaezine 2

Good luck to all the nominees, but especially to first timer (like me) Adam Wieland for his flash story that appeared in Shadowed Realms #1.


Mention has been made that Aurealis #33-35 (where Sobek’s Tears appears) may not have been released until January 2005 (thereby making it ineligible). I can emphatically state that the cover date was October 2004, but the magazine itself was posted out in December 2004. I myself received copies of the issue the next working day after Christmas. Sure, it did come close to the wire in the end, and some people may have actually received copies in the first days of January due to the vaguaries of extreme isolation from the Eastern States and the postal system under holiday duress, but I guarantee it’s definitely in the clear and eligible.

Despite all the apparent bluff and bravado that can be read into my blog entries (thank you everyone I’ve ever met – who’ve all said I’m absolutely nothing like the persona projected by my blog content) *insert puppy dog eyes* this is my first ever award nomination, and it’s for a story that may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s one I’ve believed in. I may not have much of a shot, but I’d rather not see such confusion taint my virginal award experience.


On a completely unrelated topic (but oddly still about Virgins), Ange and I invested in new mobile phones today. Both are from Virgin Mobile – hers was an upgraded Nokia. When presented with the plasticy looking Nokia with bulbs and lights and whistles, along with the metal, no-frills but better quality phone. Naturally she opted for the ‘old lady’ phone (with a little encouragement from me). Likewise, I could have gone a cute silver flip phone (not unlike my old one) but instead opted for the black, square mini-brick – although this one did have better features.

Even with the phones, the plans are such a reduction from our ridiculously expensive Telstra plans that we’ll be saving oodles every month. Next item on the agenda is dumping Telstra altogether and going with iinet for a phone and broadband internet bundle which will save even more money while doubling our download quotas and quintupling our speed! Woot!