Tin Duck eligible works (from 2007)

Tin Duck rules and nomination forms are now online. Further to my last post, here is a largish but probably not entirely complete list of short stories and written by West Aussies and published in 2007 (plus one or two other categories):


  • “Beached” by Lee Battersby (Daikaiju! 3)
  • “Father Muerte and the Joy of Warfare” by Lee Battersby (Aurealis #37)
  • “The Time Eater” by Lee Battersby (Doctor Who Short Trips: Destination Prague)
  • “Born of Woman” by Lyn Battersby (Daikaiju! 2)
  • “Angel to a Cowboy” by Laney Cairo (Cowboy Lover)
  • “Tiger Tiger” by Laney Cairo (Torqued Tales)
  • “Deathmask” by Neil Cladingboel (Antipodean SF #112)
  • “Red” by Neil Cladingboel (FlashSpec Vol 2)
  • “Shorthand” by Neil Cladingboel (FlashSpec Vol 2)
  • “Beneath Southern Waves” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Daikaiju! 2)
  • “Itch” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Horror Literature Quarterly #1)
  • “Memoirs of a Teenage Antichrist” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (ASIM #31)
  • “The Cutting Room” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Gratia Placenti)
  • “Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Fantastic Wonder Stories)
  • “Celestial” by Stephen Dedman (Cowboy Lover)
  • “Centenary” by Stephen Dedman (Cosmos #14)
  • “Nanomorphosis” by Stephen Dedman (Doctor Who Short Trips: Destination Prague)
  • “Sufficiently Advanced” by Stephen Dedman (New Ceres #2)
  • “Goon of the Month in Lagerland” by Nick Evans (Fantastic Wonder Stories)
  • “The Sun People” by Sue Isle (Shiny #1)
  • “Stranger and Sojourner” by Sue Isle (Orb #7)
  • “Save the Dolphins” by Elaine Kemp (Zombie)
  • “An Evil Twin” by Martin Livings (Antipodean SF #113)
  • “There Was Darkness” by Martin Livings (Fantastic Wonder Stories)
  • “Phantom Limbs” by Sonia Marcon (Fantastic Wonder Stories)
  • “Calamansi Juice” by A M Muffaz (Bandersnatch)
  • “Dead Lovers” by A M Muffaz (Reflections Edge)
  • “Escaping Konakona” by Carol Ryles (Ticonderoga Online #11)


  • Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #27 & #31, edited by Tehani Wessely (and ASIM co-op)
  • Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2007 edition, edited by Angela Challis (Brimstone Press)
  • Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year, Vol 1, edited by Jonathan Strahan (SFBC)
  • Best Short Novels 2007, edited by Jonathan Strahan (SFBC)
  • Borderlands #9, edited by Simon Oxwell et al
  • Eclecticism, edited by Craig Bezant (http://www.eclecticzine.com/)
  • Eclipise One, edited by Jonathan Strahan (Night Shade Books)
  • Fantastic Wonder Stories, edited by Russell B Farr (Ticonderoga Publications)
  • FlashSpec Volume 2, edited by Neil Cladingboel (Equilibrium Books)
  • New Ceres #2, edited by Alisa Krasnostein (Twelfth Planet Press)
  • The New Space Opera, edited by Gardner Dozois & Jonathan Strahan (HarperCollins)
  • Shiny #1 & #2, edited by Alisa Krasnostein, Tansy Rayner Roberts, and Ben Payne (Twelfth Planet Press)
  • Ticonderoga Online #11 (http://www.ticonderogaonline.org/), edited by Russell B Farr & Liz Grzyb
  • The Workers’ Paradise, edited by Russell B Farr & Nick Evans (T blah blah, P blah blah)


If you use quality as your guide there should be a Dedman (not sure which), a Battersby (“Father Muerte” is my pick), Livings’ “There Was Darkness”, perhaps one of mine, and an Isle (I’d choose “Stranger and Sojourner”) in the short story shortlist. One or both of the Ticonderoga anthologies, ADFH 2007, and perhaps ASIM, would be on the pro production list.

But pfft! When does quality count with popular voting awards, especially the ‘Ducks?

My inside tips (and I’m not necessarily inferring a lack of quality):
a) Anything with the word ‘Shiny’ attached to it (Sue Isle’s story to win, Borderlands vs Shiny in pro production);
b) ASif vs something from Grant Watson in the fan production category.

… and FFS, people, can we get an actual shortlist this year – meaning something with five or less nominated finalists? Enough of the “nominees” lists with twelve works in some categories!

[EDIT: I’ve added a few new entries to the Best Pro Production category – namely Craig Bezant’s Eclecticism zine and Jonathan Strahan’s anthologies. On quality, I’d say one or more of Strahan’s anthos should be contenders (if not the winner), but I hold to my earlier comments]