My time is officially at a PREMIUM. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day or night.

If you need to contact me, be patient. Very, very patient.

I did catch some time away with family birthdays and whatnot recently, but now, definitely, back to the grind.

Some quick news:
Mark and Amanda at Morrigan Books have bought my story “A Picture of Death” for the Voices anthology (hotel horror – awesome). This brings my forthcoming story tally to:

  • 8 originals (including one novella) – in magazines and anthos.
  • 7 reprints (including Spanish & French translations and a podcast).
  • 11 originals in Shards. (Not to mention the 28 reprints!)

The trade off: I haven’t written a word of fiction in months.

Now, back to critting, HorrorScope stuff, and painting the world black.