Ticonderogapalooza and more


For an insight into something a few shades lighter than my usual fare, check out Ticonderoga Online issue 5, which features my story, Ian.

It seems to be drawing out all the Ians in the world, going by comments I’ve already read. I have to admit almost every male I know is named Ian, which is a scary fact. But then again, truth is often stranger than fiction.

I also rate a mention or three in the ‘Blogsplosion’ summary by Deborah Biancotti, which was a response to Russell B Farr’s editorial from TicOn #4.

There’s also a story by Cat Sparks, an interview with Stephen Dedman, and a bevy of reviews, including a fascinatingly honest opinion of Traci Harding’s Gene of Isis.

In other words

I’ve found out one of my flash stories, Virgin in the Mist, has been shortlisted for an appearance in an Australian anthology (although no guarantees at this point). This brings my number of stories currently shortlisted/held with publications to four – which suggests good odds one or more of them will make the grade in the end.

There was also an intriguing rejection from a professional mag today which cited a submission of mine as ‘wonderfully written’, ‘lots of tension’, ‘beginning’s fantastic’, ‘the characterisation great’ – alas, the tension was too tense for too long (paraphrasing there). I guess rejections don’t come any more enthusiastic than that. Always a good sign you’re heading in the right direction.

And if you’re in the mood for an entertaining read and want some excellent non-fiction, check out HorrorScope. The guys are rockin’ on with some outstanding news and reviews at present.

The social scene

Ange and I will be catching up with Cat and Rob on Sunday. The very next day, I’ve pulled jury duty – damn civic service! If I have to lose a day or three to this, I can at least hope for some insight into the criminal mind or the legal mind for a future bestseller one day. I wonder if they allow laptops in the court room…

Also, Matt reliably informs me that one of my favourite bands, Filter, has disbanded. Lead singer Richard Patrick has merged with guys from the Stone Temple Pilots to form a new band called Army of Anyone. I don’t know if I like this. I think I don’t – Filter were something different, something edgy and cool. Only the cool people knew about them. 😉