Thrice Unlucky

I know bad luck seems to come in threes.

Today was a mild dose of this.

Firstly, I found out that Bump in the Night was rejected from an anthology (although it is currently available online at Antipodean SF for your perusal!) .

Next, my unlucky tale, Room Three, was rejected by Whispering Spirits webzine. Jeez, I’ve accelerated the whole top down approach on that one. I’m now scounging non-paying markets to sell it.

Finally (but not so badly), the Cruel Summer series was pulled from the Flash Shot contest because of the acceptance by the Summer Infernal anthology. This one I can handle at least. I have already filled my quota of three stories in this years Flash Shot series, and should be included in their yearly compilation, so even if I did win, I’d gain little more than I have already earned. At least this way, I have appearances in two anthologies. It’s all good. The Flash Shot editors were nice about it all, as usual.

On the creative side of the ledger, not only have I bumped another 600ish words on The Savage Redemption of Gaia (it will definately sail over the 5000 word mark), this morning I created a brand new micro fiction story – The Snake of Rangar Rock Canyon.

I’m quite satisfied with the result, but Ange was not impressed at all. I guess it takes a little inside knowledge of Norse mythology to ‘get’ it. She also said the dialogue (what little there is) was flat. I agree – but it’s written from an intentional modernised understatement tone, and from that angle, I like it. To decide the matter, I’ve submitted it to the KSP SF group for critiquing. Should be interesting.

Anyway, here’s a sample:

“There’s a snake down there,” the old timer said, peering into the rocky abyss. 

“How big?” asked the imposing stranger, as he idly stroked his beard. 

“Real big.”

And a little bit of Gaia:

“Heed the souls that were sacrificed in your creation. You and they are all the hope that remains of humankind. The survivors dwindle day by day. Soon, there will be no one but the ghosts and the voices carried on the wind.” 

The Earth remained silent. Unswayed. 

“If you do not act, you will be alone with your ghosts for eternity. Alone, without this last chance for redemption.”


Finally, all is quiet on the Shadowed Realms front. We’ve had a lull in submissions, which will allow us to cement contracts and the nitty gritty stuff with the first issue authors. Keep those submissions rolling in people!