The Weedinator and Monkey Girl

I am da Weedinator!

Following a profoundly sedate but enjoyable morning, I cast off the drab garb of mundanety and became The Weedinator, bane to weeds and wil greenery! My sidekick, Ange, similarly transformed into the dauntless Monkey Girl, roof climber and gutter cleaner extraordinaire! Together, we fought the evils of neglected household maintenance with gusto and zeal (no, they aren’t extra domestic superheroes or even cleaning products, they’re just euphemisms for getting off our arses).

So after a few hours of spraying medium grade poison, I spent a relaxing night kickin’ back, enjoying the spoils of a chemically induced psychosis. Well, I was light-headed, but psychosis sounds cooler.

In the meantime, I completed a fourth redraft of Genesis Six, which happens to be a record for me. I usually get it after the second or third. However, Ange is relentless on this one. It has winner potential.

Also received more queries for Shadowed Realms, which is great to see. I’m both surprised and pleased to see a number of people comment on the value of paying for dark fiction. Maybe we can fill a niche long unfilled.

Oh, I also spoke with Damien today. Being a high-flying corporate big-wig, he can afford to do cool things. One of which is buy himself a brand new canary yellow Mini Cooper, with sun roof and black racing stripes (apparently they make it go faster!). Assuming I go to Clarion South early next year, I’ve been invited to stop off at Sydney, where he’ll drive me up to Brisbane in his compact uber-machine. Sounds good to me. I’ll get a chance to visit the rellies on the way through. Win/win for everyone.

At present, I’m printing copies of Genesis Six and Rainbow Speckled Field, to take with me to my first appearance at the KSP Writers Centre SF group. I had intended to go a few months ago, but life and bad timing interceded. Here’s hoping I won’t look like a total dweeb coming in as an outsider. As I’ve never been to a writers group before, and know several published authors attend these things, I have no idea what to expect. So I’ll stick to the basics – shut up, look cool, and don’t brag, even if everyone else is a total newbie dorkwad. Everything is relative.