The Tarot Reading – Part 1

Another unscheduled weekend late night writing session. Another 500 words (and rising, just stopped to blog!).

Now that I’ve finished my Brand chapter, I have no choice but to backtrack a few chapters to a section I glossed over because it was just too damn hard/annoying/whatever – Simon’s tarot reading.

With Ange and her pesudo-coven’s regular tarot discussions/meetings, I have plenty of experts to draw on. However, it took many hours of planning just to decide on a few cursory points. So in the end, I chucked a wobbly and moved onto writing fun stuff with guns and monsters, leaving Simon and his portentious reading until later. Well, now is later.

Armed with some sketchy notes, I am part way through describing the tarot reading. My only hitch is that I haven’t determined all of the cards yet(Considering it’s an 11 card Celtic Cross variant spread with an additional four cards thrown in, and some psychometry as well! Eek!).

Here’s a tiny peek:

A demonic, jackal-headed figure sat atop a throne. Chained to the pedestal at his feet were a naked man and woman. Ornate gold writing at the bottom of the picture proclaimed it as ‘The Devil’.

No suprises there. The really big one will be – will I use the Death card? Will I? Hmmm? Would it be Tarot if I didn’t? I guess you’ll just have to wait for Harbinger to come out for that answer.

Also tonight, I came up with a brilliantly satirical short story concept. The Repaginator. Yeah, I know it sounds lame, but it’s supposed to. Let’s hope this idea sees the light of day in the near future.