The surprises of a return home

Well, Ange and I are now home from Continuum 3. The con was huge, excellent, and any number of other enthusiastic adjectives. A full report will undoubtedly follow in the next few days, including the goss on the Shadowed Realms #6/AHWA launch and my unpreparedness for the implications of sharing a panel with Neil Gaiman (and 200 of his die-hard fans in a vast ballroom).

Ange and I discovered a number of things on our return. For her, it was a slushpile wobbling at the seams, for me it was various surprises, mostly good. The news and tidbits included:

* Two weighty bundles of university documentation which represented my semester 2 workload. Yee gads, no! It’s too soon! I need more time, dammit! More time!

* My complimentary e-copy of Simulacrum #11, which features Revision is Murder. To my surprise, I share a TOC with Cat Sparks. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

* Confirmation that my story, Ian, was Highly Commended in the KSP Science Fiction/Fantasy short story competition.

* A job interview for the position of Editorial Manager with WA’s leading alternative lifestyle and health magazine.

* Discovering (after I bought a copy) my flash story, Countdown Macabre, was on the ‘Recommended Reading’ list of Congreve & Marquardt’s Year’s Best Australian SF (I guess the same concept as Ellen Datlow’s ‘Honourable Mentions’ in the international Year’s Best)

Very cool. More soon. I have daikaiju stories to edit!