The state of Oz Sports Chanbara

In case you’ve never heard of Sports Chanbara, here is the only video I could find of Chanbara being practiced in Australia (circa 2004). As it so happens, the training session in the first half of this video appears to take place in my old dojo at the Sutherland PCYC.

Many things have changed – my old sensei, the rooms’s layout, the old faces – and again, it saddens me to see it. I know the training scenes are played for laughs but the sloppiness of the training techniques disturbs me. I’m sure many old school practitioners (of martial arts and any other traditional teaching, for that matter) would complain of this, but it seems to me the art has lost many of its nuances. The craftsmanship of technique is missing. I can *see* where the nuances have not been passed down to the current generation and it saddens me.

I can see an unauthorised class starting in Perth (borne out of frustration) in the not too distant future…PS. Further to my last post, I have updated my website ( with a new Martial Arts section with photos and more careful attention to the details (such as titles, dates etc).