The Smoke Dragon – free ebook!

Now that the word is getting out about the Grand Experiment, I wanted to remind readers that my novelette The Smoke Dragon is a free ebook!

The Smoke Dragon is a brilliant piece of Japanese fantasy, a nominee for the Aurealis Award and Ditmar Award, and the perfect lead-in to my forthcoming novel Circle of Tears. In fact, The Smoke Dragon forms the prologue for Circle of Tears, and as a bonus, I included a chunk of the second chapter in the book, “The Ghost of Musashi”.

The Smoke Dragon can be downloaded for free from:



… or bought for 99c at Amazon.

The Smoke Dragon has also provided my first piece of hard data in the Grand Experiment. In its first day on Smashwords (uploaded on Jan 19), The Smoke Dragon was downloaded by ~100 people. Remember, this was well before the book had even been promoted!

Downloads slowed in the days that followed, but they’re picking up again. Right now (Jan 25, 3.30pm AWST), The Smoke Dragon has been downloaded 181 times and has risen from page 42 on the Smashwords Fantasy genre ‘most downloaded’ list to page 7. In the coming months, it’s my hope the ebook will be amongst the top 10 most downloaded fantasy books. Let’s see, shall we? Help me by downloading a copy today and enjoying the read!


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  1. Finished it and will be reviewing within the coming days. reminded me of Tenchu on the playstation 2 🙂