The Savage Redemption of Gaia – a novelette at last!

This all came out in a fairly excitable rush – approximately 1300 words today, 3100 yesterday!, 600 before that, and 1400 the day before that. Now, whammo! I have completed what has become a new novelette (at 7900 words) – The Savage Redemption of Gaia.

Oddly, it’s one of those stories I write and think, ‘man, this is pretty ordinary’, but when I reread it later on, it all comes out looking very cool. I’ve always liked the premise, but I think it ends on a bit of a flat note. Perhaps because after the character development, and a twist and turn or two, the last ten pages or so are just out and out action. Hopefully it’s a flaw I’ll correct in future drafts, but still, I’m quite ecstatic about having a) a long story (over 5000 words), and b) another novelette (in addition to Kraken).

This story will be my third attempt at Robert Hood’s Daikaiju anthology – I’ve had a couple of near misses with Kraken and Plan Ni. This may be my last attempt – I’m running out of innovative ways to do giant monster stories. I’m also running out adjectives to describe giant monsters (you can only use massive, gigantic, huge, monolithic, titanic etc. a certain number of times before the effect wears off!).