The resurrection of Midnight Echo

Dead of Night

Dead of Night: The Best of ME

It’s official (well, at least Facebook official). I’m the new Executive Editor of Midnight Echo, the magazine of the Australasian* Horror Writers Association.

The last issue of Midnight Echo magazine was published in 2015. This was followed up in 2016 by Dead of Night, an anthology I proudly edited on behalf of the AHWA, which collected the best fiction of the magazine’s eight-year run. I was honoured to win the Australian Shadows Award for Best Edited Publication for my efforts. It’s a solid anthology, and I’d thoroughly recommend checking it out if you have an interest in Australian horror (or great horror in general).

So why did I jump back in after years of doing my thing quietly on the sidelines?

Well, my history with the Australasian Horror Writers Association goes back to the AHWA’s beginnings. I’m member #10, and I served as Vice President, Australian Shadows Awards Director (and before that, a judge for two years), and a mentor. I edited Dead of Night, of course, but also I co-edited Midnight Echo #2 with Angela Challis, and my story “Graveyard Orbit” was published in issue #6.

Midnight Echo is a great magazine, and for years, it’s been a reliable lifeline for emerging Australian horror writers to get their work published. I have a genuine interest in seeing Midnight Echo and the AHWA succeed, particularly as the organisation has been in decline for a few years (or at least relatively quiet). Someone needed to put their hand up, and that someone was me.

I have a vision for the resurrected Midnight Echo. The guidelines will be posted on the AHWA website soon, so I don’t want to speak out of turn before AHWA makes the announcement. What I can say is that I will be resetting the magazine back to its roots. I want to support emerging local writers and work to develop local editor talent, too. When the guidelines are published, I’ll expand on my vision here.

If you have thoughts on the resurrection and future direction of Midnight Echo, I’d happily hear them. Post a comment here or on Facebook, or contact me directly.

Finally, if you want to have more of a taste of Midnight Echo than Dead of Night can provide, AHWA has a special 10-issue bundle on sale.

* AHWA recently changed ‘Australian’ to ‘Australasian’ to better reflect its membership base, which included many writers from New Zealand and elsewhere in the region.