The Proof is in the …

Robots & Time cover

*phew* After a concerted effort of several intense days over the span of the last couple of weeks, the manuscript of Robots & Time, has been thoroughly and nit-pickerly proof read.

There are some seriously good stories in this antho. Despite my tendency towards fantasy and horror, the science fiction premises of a couple of the stories actually put me into some serious moralising. Damn you, time-travellers and morally ambiguous robots!

In other antho-related news, I think at last count there are 57 authors accepted for the Shadow Box charity e-anthology. With only a week to go before subs close, I’d love to get to 66! I can’t stress enough that this will be the most unusual anthology you could possibly read – it’s not just the bizarre and disturbing little stories, it’s the optional extras that enhance it.

Case in point (for the curious): I’ve just added The X-Ray Gallery…

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