The price of publication

The title sounds ominous, but I’m actually being literal.

Did you know, to print 1,000 A5 copies of a medium gsm paper (good quality), full colour covered magazine, it costs just under, or just over $4000 (depending on GST)?

I found that information fascinating, and probably a bit cheaper than I thought. Going to a pulpier style of paper (like ASIM), and knocking the covers down to 4 or 3 colours, would reduced this a fair bit further.

My first thought is … roll on Shadowed Realms, the print magazine, with double the print run of the current leading Oz SF mag!

However, a bazillion other factors prevent this pipe-dream from forming in the near future. Despite my enthusiasm and rampant ability to throw oodles of money around, I am reminded of the baby steps that are a forced requisite upon me.

Let’s see how Shadowed Realms, the online magazine fares first.

One last tidbit though… I’m waiting to hear back from the national magazine distributor… the lowdown on newsagency placements is the piece of the puzzle I’m especually interested in. Stay tuned.