The niceties of editors (even when hedging bets)

I’ve sent a couple of queries off in the last two days, both to the US, both to magazines concerning reprints of my stories.

As mentioned previously, the crew at Weird Tales responded promptly and personably. Today I received a very similiar level of response and courtesy from The Book of Dark Wisdom.

Despite the ominous title, the editor was very polite and considerate in his welcoming response to my query. I have little doubt both magazines are swamped with submissions, as well as the usual headaches that challenge editors, so it’s great to see this level of detail, especially for unknowns like myself.

So, on the submissions merri-go-round, I have sent On Dark Clouds Borne to The Book of Dark Wisdom, Hear No Evil to Weird Tales, and a slightly revised version of Countdown Macabre to both Flashshot and Antipodean SF (both markets that have snapped up all my submissions without a second though). I’m definately hedging the bets with these reprints and simultaneous submissions, but I realise it comes down to the fine print. Most editors specify either no reprints, or no simultaneous submissions etc. The trick is to find the ones who do offer some leeway (such as the generous publications listed above) and to ever so politely enquire. The worst that can happen is a negative response.

Also on the subject of the niceties of editors, I received issue 6 of Dark Animus in the mail today. I was ecstatic, namely because I hadn’t paid any subscription fees and the magazine turned up anyway! I thought ‘awesome – free mag! Gotta love the Aussie small press!’ but then my conscience kicked in. Rather than offering some lame excuse about the cheque being in the mail, I promptly logged onto paypal and squared the ledger. Karma is a bitch, but one you MUST obey – just like Ange. Just kidding on that last bit my love, really!