The Grand Experiment recap

Attracted by the intrigue of the Grand Conversation on ebooks, there are plenty of new people visiting this website (or its RSS feed) for the first time. If you’re amongst those people, I’d like to say ‘g’day’!

I’d also like to revisit the reason I’m hosting the Grand Conversation on ebooks … A few weeks ago, I launched seven ebooks. Throughout 2011, I will be documenting my sales and any other lessons I learn along the way. I call it the ‘Grand Experiment‘ (and although I’m referring to the process as an experiment, the ebooks themselves are professional in every way – in fact, some of them are award nominees/finalists!).

Right now, sales are modest because I’m still very much an unknown quantity to the wider world of ebook readers. However, if you’ve been enjoying the Grand Conversation and you’re interested in ebooks, why not give mine a try? They’re priced between 99c and $2.99, and one, my Japanese fantasy novella The Smoke Dragon, is FREE on Smashwords (available in all formats, including PDF for non-ebook readers).

My Grand Experiment books are:

The Smoke Dragon Shards Requiem for the Burning God Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves
Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance Apocrypha Sequence: Divinity Apocrypha Sequence: Insanity Apocrypha Sequence: Inferno

Help me make this experiment a success!

You can buy these books from Amazon (Kindle), Amazon UK (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Diesel (epub), and Smashwords (all formats – including Apple, Sony, Kobo, and PDF for non-ebook readers).