The Grand Experiment – March update

Noticed that this blog has a few tumbleweeds blowing through it over the past few weeks? Yeah, I’ve been offline a lot lately, recharging and doing some soul searching as some major changes loom ahead.

So to return some life to the site, here is the second update on my Grand Experiment.

[To understand the background of the Grand Experiment, read this post. To read all Grand Experiment-related posts, click the Grand Experiment tag.]

Grand Experiment sales and downloads for March

Book Price Downloads* Downloads YTD* Sales Sales YTD
The Smoke Dragon Free! (Smashwords)

99c (Amazon)

720 1239 7 15
Shards $2.99 16 65 2 8
Requiem for the Burning God $1.99 22 64 9 19
Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance Free! (Smashwords)

99c (Amazon)

73 110 2 3
Apocrypha Sequence: Divinity 99c 22 49 1 2
Apocrypha Sequence: Insanity 99c 22 50 2 3
Apocrypha Sequence: Inferno $1.99 21 51 2 5
TOTALS 896 1628 25 55
* Data on full downloads for The Smoke Dragon and Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance (the free books) from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and Sony. Data on sample downloads of other books from Smashwords only (no sample download data from other distributors).
YTD = Year to date


Last month, I only had data from Amazon and Smashwords. When I opened up Smashwords today, I expected the same, but lo and behold! Data from Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and Sony came flooding in!

The breakaway success was once again The Smoke Dragon. In my first whack of stats from B&N, it turns out 581 people downloaded the novella. I only spotted this today, and I was ecstatic to see this surge in downloads! Another 106 people from Smashwords, 31 folks from Sony, and two via Diesel downloaded the rest for this month. In two months, The Smoke Dragon (which is free) has been downloaded more than 1200 times, and I’m very happy to have surpassed the four figure barrier.

I also made Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance free throughout March, and I’ll keep it that way for at least another month. 73 people downloaded it (mostly through Smashwords), but hopefully it will gain some traction in the coming months. I made it free so people could get a taste of my dark fiction. The Smoke Dragon is the perfect intro to my upcoming Japanese fantasy novel Circle of Tears, but it’s a poor intro to my darker stuff, which is why I have Deviance out there for free.

The best seller is Requiem for the Burning God, which I kind of expected given its brush with the Stoker preliminary ballot and whatnot.

Sales are still low, and I sold 5 less books (25 in total this month) than I did last month, but whereas I was running the Grand Conversation on ebooks and actively participating on message boards and Facebook, this month, I was barely on the computer at all, let alone spruiking my wares, so it all balances out. Sales are below my expectations, but it’s still early days, so hopefully the critical mass will build over the course of the year. It’ll be fascinating to watch.