The Grand Conversation about ebooks

Okay, last post for today. I’m busy busy busy and have a short story right on deadline!

Remember how I’ve been dropping hints about a discussion here about ebooks? Well, a Grand Experiment deserves a Grand Conversation!¬†Throughout February, I’ve invited luminaries from all sides of publishing to write guest posts on my blog.

I’ll be canvassing a diverse range of opinions on ebooks (for and against), and I’ve invited many of Australia’s bestselling authors and publishers, plus many award-winning writers, editors, publishers, literary agents, booksellers, and readers¬†from around the world to this discussion.

Publishing hasn’t faced a paradigm shift of such magnitude since the invention of the printing press, and we’re on the cutting edge of change right now, so conversations like these could be incredibly illuminating.

Experts such as Smashwords founder Mark Coker, Queensland Writers Centre and if:book Australia CEO Kate Eltham, Angry Robot editor Lee Harris, anthologist Ellen Datlow, bestselling authors Scott Nicholson and Joseph Nassise (and time permitting, Aussie self publishing success story Vicki Tyley), and many many others will be participating. Will you? Please help spread the word!

If you’d like to contribute a guest blog post, leave a comment or email me at I’m sincere about this – I welcome opinions from anyone who has an opinion (you don’t need to be a ‘name’). If you’d like to join this Grand Conversation, please contact me.