The Garden Shed Pact

Borderlands #4

My story, The Garden Shed Pact, will be appearing in Borderlands #7 (expected around April). I’m a repeat offender at Borderlands now. This was the Clarion story of mine which momentarily freaked Suzanne out (what are those bumps under the tablecloth?) – I’m perversely happy it did, and I’m a might pleased it will be seeing print. The Garden Shed Pact is one of my favourite horror stories and for me was a fine lesson in subtle tense shifts, voice, and claustrophobic tension.

Here’s an obligatory excerpt:
I’ve seen just as deep into my nemesis. The nature of things is in the eye, and that bitch has eight of them. The truth is there, plain for anyone to see if you look hard enough.

Truth be told, no one could really see the fear in mine. I had ways of hiding it. Spending your years the way I did, you learn to hide weakness, mercy, and truth, until only the lie remains.

This sale comes hot on the heels of The Cutting Room being picked up by Surreal in the US. Two Clarion stories, revised and honed to a point where they’ll draw blood.

With The Garden Shed Pact, The Cutting Room, Love in the Land of the Dead (ASIM #23), and Midnight on the Jetty (Book of Dark Wisdom #11) plus a few surprises to be sprung, the shadow is spreading in 2006 (and I’ll be forever conscious of that phrase thanks to Nathan, but bugger it!).

What I’ll be having published this year will eclipse everything I’ve done before, in some cases by a substantial degree. It’s gonna be a damn interesting Aurealis Awards in 2006, at least in the horror division.

As an aside, once paperwork and such is taken care of later in the year (I’m fairly laid back about this though), I’ll be an ACTIVE member of the international Horror Writers Association.