The Forrest Gump of international SF & Horror

Looking over my Aussiecon4 schedule, it strikes me that – once again – I’m paired on panels with some especially notable (and dare I say, famous) authors.

This time, I’ll be a co-panellist with China Mieville, Carrie Vaughn, and Cory Doctorow. As you’ll see from the photo, I’ve had a good run of panels at SF conventions over the years. The photo is me (on the far right) on a panel at Continuum (Melbourne, 2005) with Jenny Blackford, Cameron Rogers, and Neil Gaiman on the far left. Next to Neil but out of shot is Robin Hobb. Suffice to say, with Neil on the panel, the room (and a huge one it was!) was packed and all eyes were on him. Oddly, it takes a lot of pressure off you as a panellist – you say your bit and then throw the discussion back to the person everyone came to see.

I’ve previously shared a panel with Cory Doctorow (back in 2006 at the Brisbane Natcon) and pretty much the who’s who of Aussie horror, of course. To expand the scope wider, I’ve shared anthology tables of contents with giants of the genre (such as Peter Straub and Alan Dean Foster in last year’s Anthology of Dark Wisdom) and I’ve interviewed stars such as Charlaine Harris and Alice Cooper (for Black Magazine and HorrorScope)

So who does this make me? I’m the guy who pops up in all sorts of unlikely places, rubbing shoulders with the famous and powerful. I’m the Forrest Gump of international SF & Horror.  🙂

Of course, I’m working on my own level of fame/notoriety, and with a few pending *things* on the horizon, my fingers are crossed for the time when I’ll be more than the proverbial big fish in a small pond. Fascinating times, these!

For the interested, I’ll be having a signing at Aussiecon4, so bring along your copies of Shards, Black Box, Shadow Box, Black Magazine, Midnight Echo #2, or any of the anthologies or magazines in which I’ve been published, and I’d be delighted to shoot the breeze while scribbling words of appreciation.

I’m also lucky enough to have been given a kaffeeklatsch spot, which allows 10 or so people to sit down with me for an hour over a hot beverage and chat. I can provide some useful insights on writing and selling short fiction, editing anthologies, Australian horror, writing a Japanese fantasy series, the Australian Shadows Awards, reviewing, HorrorScope, writing comics, designing book covers and typesetting, the trials of small press (specifically Brimstone Press), my time practicing ninjutsu/Chanbara sword fighting, or pretty much anything else of applicable interest. You can also slip me review copies for HorrorScope, if you like.

See you there!