The dread Year of the Fire Monkey


Chinese New Year starts today – 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey. Happy Chinese New Year!

Ahh, the Fire Monkey. In Chinese astrology, he is my mortal enemy (I am a Tiger – a Wood Tiger, to be precise, although it’s very important to note I’m not Tiger Woods. Different guy, I swear!).

If you believe in that kind of thing, with the Monkey being such a trickster, linked to the fire element and all, it will be a turbulent year (here are some predictions).

The Year of the Fire Monkey one is a bad one for us Tigers (and I thought last year was an Annus Horriblis!). That prancing little shit-throwing chimp gets all up in our regal tiger business and mucks everything up.

Reading the predictions for a Tiger in 2016 is a bit depressing: struggles with finances, struggles with work, possible accidents. There’s little in the way of good news.

The Tiger is the king of animals, but the Monkey is craftier. The only way for the Tiger to prevail is for the Tiger to become smarter.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m having a terrible run on the job front, finances are going backwards, so I’ll be investing in my education this year. I’m enrolled in a Master of Creative Writing at Macquarie University, and I’m picking up all the skills and experience I can through activities and self-directed learning.

Most importantly, I’m writing – a lot more than I have in years. This year, writing will be my refuge.

I’ll beat that nasty little chimp, you’ll see!