The Ditmars

The Ditmar Award nominees have been announced here and here.

I’ve picked up three nominations this year: Best Fanzine (along with my ever-industrious colleagues) for HorrorScope; Best Fan Writer; and Best New Talent.

I was surprised as all hell to see three Shadowed Realms Redback stories on the short story list, but congratulations to Kyla, Kirstyn, and Deb. I know the work each author went through to get those stories ‘just so’ and the extensive editing involved, so it’s great to see them up there. I also know a LOT of people read the Redback issue, which probably explains the popularity. This year’s list has shown the influence of the Internet more than ever before.

I was also greatly encouraged to see dark fiction have such a stranglehold on the shortlists. It was especially fantastic to see hardworking behind-the-scenes guys like Marty Young (Fan Achievement for the AHWA), Gary Kemble (Pro Achievement for his work on Articulate), and of course, members of the HorrorScope team (Miranda, Steph, Mark, and Matt). It’s the sort of result that should continue dark fiction’s momentum in Australia.

Congratulations to everyone nominated!

I’d like to thank those folks out there for making nominations, not just for me, but for everyone – even those who didn’t make it to the final shortlist.