The continued silence of the Dark God

Personally submitting grant applications is a demeaning business. Especially when you have apparently missed an artificial deadline by four days. It’s even worse when you’ve taken a couple of days out of your life to prepare several pages of application and support material, as well as the obligatory travel and parking expenses.

Five years on the other side of the desk, assessing (or supervising the assessment of) government payment applications and the best life can throw at me is a blatantly ironic situation. Where’s the finesse? It seems karma is a bitch I’m tied to, so I’m at least on the lookout for artfully deserved irony, or at least something a little unexpected. Karma is getting sloppy. Lazy bitch.

Things are so low, I’m now listening to Joel Turner and the Lyrical Poets (that beatbox guy from Australian Idol). Maybe it’s an indication of my mood, but the song sounds pretty good right now.