The Clarion successes continue

Good mate Nathan Burrage (author of the mystical thriller Fivefold, from Random House) has been interviewed by Sky TV about his novel. Well done, buddy!

It’s great to see the Clarion South ’05 alumni doing so well. Ellen K picked up a Nebula right after the workshop, Nike published a couple of novels (lit and kids, respectively), Deb scored a double book deal with a major publisher (look out for her in 2009!), and now Nathan has hit the bigtime with a debut novel some are comparing with the Da Vinci Code (presumably the success thereof, not the sucky bits).

The interesting thing is that the majority of these works were written before Clarion, but I think the success of the workshop comes not just from the honing of one’s writing ability, but the business savvy and the industry advice one picks up. I learned a fair bit myself – I just need to finish off a novel or three and catch up with my illustrious co-Clarionites!