The Aussie ebook reader poll


I’ve talked a lot about ebooks in the past month, but one thing has bugged me – just exactly how do Australians prefer to reader their ebooks? This question is particularly important given the dramas Down Under ebook fans sometimes face in obtaining their ebooks.

The poll closes in 1 week (Feb 8), so get in fast!



  1. My preference for the Sony is only because it was a gift. That being said I have not found any convincing argument to change should I be in the money to afford say a kindle.

    I prefer my device to not be net enabled or to have wiz-bang features – too distracting and too much money.

    • Shane Jiraiya Cummings says:

      Hi Sean,

      As you point out, I think the differences between the main ereaders is subtle and probably driven by format and the platform for ebook delivery (eg. Amazon, BN, Borders) more than any significant technical differences.

      Obviously, something like an e-ink Kindle or Sony ereader is going to be very different to a backlit iPad, but then again, we’re not comparing Apples with Apples *excuse the bad pun!*

  2. Friendless says:

    Like Sean, my Kindle was a gift. I prefer PDF documents as I can transfer them between multiple devices, but the Kindle really is lovely for reading in odd unconnected places.

  3. dragonsally says:

    I absolutely love, love, love my Kindle – but I have been frustrated by the geographic restrictions. There have been a few books I’ve really wanted, but can’t buy for my Kindle.