Testing the waters of a foreign shore (or litterature de fantastique et d horreur!)

The French have wonderful speculative fiction magazines, as do many of their European neighbours.

This evening I went on a submission spree – my eyes have been opened to the wonders of our non-English speaking cousins, and I’ve been sending them my stories for English translation into a plethora of exotic languages.

I’m particularly impressed with the French though, magazines such as Faeries and Borderline are simply stunning. Nowa Fantastyka from Poland, Galaktika from Hungary, and Sable from Spain are also excellent looking zines. Excellent!

So, perhaps if the fates are kind, I can be buried with ignominity here in Australia at the end of a long but obscure career as a dark fantasist, but with the epitaph – “He was big in France”.

Au revoir!