I’ve changed up my mind, I have!

The complete Dread Seasons Quartet has been sent to Surreal magazine, after The Rustle of Autumnal Leaves was rejected today by Ideomancer (my fourth from them). While I intended the Quartet to go to Amazing Stories, I just didn’t have the right vibe about that choice. Surreal seems to be a better fit.

Conversely, Genesis Six, which was to go to Surreal, will now be submitted to Brutarian. I did consider trying again at Ideomancer, but I’m aiming higher with this one. I also considered Amazing Stories, but again, it didn’t seem like a viable move, and besides, it’s under their 2k minimum.

Aside from this, and some editing, I’m coming under scrutiny from my former (and still current, despite the unpaid leave) employer. They want me back, but don’t want to compromise on hours or my office. Prior to leaving work to pursue this writer thang, I took a temporary assignment as one of the managerial types at the Midland office, which is exactly at the far end of town for me. Now they want me back there, with an ungodly travel time to get there and back (which was a reason why I chased this dream – leaving at 7am, coming home at 7pm, and dealing with 1 billion PSI of emotional pressure in between, was taking too much of a toll). The only person willing to listen is the guy who took my spot, and even then, I get to go back at ‘grunt’ level for 3 months full time before they’ll entertain my part time request. *sigh*