Swancon and the virtual Tin Ducks

I saw a draft of the Swancon programme on their website today and I’m… well, “trepidation” is a good word to describe my feelings. It’s an *interesting* mix, but one with a heavy fandom bias (IMO). I’ve been asked to be a panellist for a panel on the Friday evening, the first night:

Panellists: Shane Cummings**, Stephen Dedman, Lee Battersby, Lyn Battersby
Australia’s purveyors of the dark stuff talk about their influences, their creative process, and the motivation to create the darker side of literature.

* Yes, this panel is taking place at Midnight (12am-1am) on the first evening of the con.
** The lack of the Jiraiya has been noted.

Also in the latest Swancon progress report is the nomination form for the Tin Duck Awards (for those not familiar with them, the Western Australian SF Achievement Awards, a local version of the Ditmars).

Given all the talk of awards and such, I thought I might post my virtual Tin Duck nominee list – you know, just coz! There’s only a very, very small field, most of which shared a BBQ at the Battersbys last weekend, so competition on this is pretty laid-back. Yeah, Stephen will win, but that’s not the point. 😉 This year, there’s expected to be a red-carpet type do hosted by Grant Stone. Personally, I want dinner tables and finger food, plus those models in the slinky evening dresses who escort the winners to the podium. I won’t hold my breath on that. 🙂

So, without further ado, here’s my virtual Tin Ducks for 2006 (* represents a field I don’t really know well)

Professional Long Fiction
Eclipse by K A Bedford
The Truth About Magic by Dave Luckett
Blade of Fortriu by Juliet Marillier

Professional Short Fiction
Pater Familias (Shadowed Realms #3)*1* by Lee Battersby
The Memory of Breathing (ASIM #17) by Lyn Battersby
Ian (Ticonderoga Online #5) by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Coup De Grace (Borderlands #4)*2* by Stephen Dedman
Hooked (Borderlands #5)*3* by Martin Livings

*1* or substitute Murderworld (ASIM #18) by Lee Battersby
*2* or substitute Static Song (ASIM #18) by Stephen Dedman
*3* or substitute Running (Daikaiju!) by Martin Livings

Professional Art Work
(me, Shadow Box?)
(something by Shaun Tan?)

Professional Production
Shadowed Realms, edited by Angela Challis
Shadow Box e-anthology, edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings & Angela Challis
Ticonderoga Online, edited by Russell B Farr et. al.
Borderlands, edited by Simon Oxwell et. al.
An issue of ASIM, perhaps?

I don’t know much about the fan categories, but I’d reckon HorrorScope could make a showing in the Fan Production category.

In fact, the above would make a nice nomination list. I like that – the field’s so small, people might as well nominate everyone! It might save all the teeth baring from the other Australian awards.