Super-Astro-Jiraiya Haircut!

Yes, I did the unthinkable – I submitted to a super-astro-Jiraiya japanesesque-cum-footballer ultra spiked haircut.

They unloaded firepower akin to the ‘Supa-X2!’ on my once flowing locks, and I now look like an anime character without the cool blue hair.

I guess it’s a slow news day when I’m crappin’ on about my haircut, but hey, it was a radical departure from the norm.

On a more serious note, I reworked The Hanged Girl with most of Ange’s changes, along with several of my own. I have to admit, it has assumed a scale of creepiness and quality on a par with Hear No Evil. I also have to admit, I’m still learning different writing styles at almost 18 months in to this whole gig, and I’m pretty damn pleased about it. Perhaps I’m gearing up for the confrontation that will be Clarion South 2005.

The only other writing related info (aside from the fact I have Sobek’s Tears and Hear No Evil going head to head in the Aurealis Awards! well, along with a couple dozen other stories) was my submission of a revamped On the Nature of Evil, to Surreal magazine. It may be too potty-mouthed for them, but hey, I’m waiting on Chizine to make a decision on Cruel Summer before I can submit it to them.

I also wrote down a number of episode ideas for my Technomancer TV series proposal. I know it’s a pipe dream, but while it remains in consideration, it can’t hurt to scribe a few ideas.