Success once removed

Shadow QueenThe beginning of 2009 has seen a couple of great success from my Clarion South (05) mates.

First off, Deborah Kalin has just had her first novel Shadow Queen published through Allen & Unwin’s Arena imprint. It’s a great looking fantasy novel and has Deb’s quite distinctive narrative voice. I’m sure it will appeal to those who typically devour fat fantasies.

Evan Dean, who has diverged from writing into a music career (although to be fair, he was part of the band long before he went to Clarion South), has just released what I think is an amazingly catchy pop song. Well, to be precise, his band The People People (who created one of my favourite songs, “Banish Me”) released the music video entitled “We are People People”.

It’s in all its techicolour glory in the next post…