Success? A Killer Smile? Sure!

Hayley gave me a little black stone for my (recent) birthday. I thought it was a very cool present. It’s black, it’s smooth, but still has a few pitted bits, as if it’s suffered scars in a past life. I think it’s battled its way through karmic struggles and has absorbed every possible problem or challenge life could throw at it. What better representation could there be for a ‘success stone’ than such a bulldog of the geological world? It’s the epitome of hard-earned success. That’s exactly what this little treasure is, and it has indeed brought me a measure of success within only days of receiving it.

First there was the unexpected and very pleasing professional sale of Midnight on the Jetty. Now, my flash piece, A Killer Smile, has found a publishing home at Antipodean SF. It’ll be online in issue 88 – September 2005. Some at Conflux may have already seen it on the Shadowed Realms promotional bookmarks. Just be careful when perusing AntiSF issue 88, my story is very brief, and the eye may well glide straight over it.

I’ve also spied my flash story contest judges report floating around on the Peter Cowan Writers Centre newsletter. There’s been a strange and off-putting silence from them about it all. Reading the contest report always brings a smile to my face. It’s actually longer than all the entries combined! Now that’s what I call dedication.

The success stone has shined its little black heart on me in other ways too. Following on from Conflux and meeting more extraordinary people, it appears as though I’ll be included in the upcoming book Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre Overview. I’m also going to be more involved in the upcoming Thylacon and Continuum conventions. Particularly so at Continuum – I’m not gonna have room to scratch myself, but that’s a good thing! (scratching in public is an unseemly practise anyway). Not only am I involved in Ange’s launch of the Shadowed Realms Continuum/AHWA issue, I’ll be on the following panels (well, I’m pencilled in anyway):
Scary Movies: Thriller vs Splatter
A look at movies that actually scare people even though the graphic content is relatively low as well as movies that have a high splatter content that don’t scare anyone.

Inventing the Creation Myth: Gods and Monsters
How we interpret our gods and our monsters in a world in which good and evil no longer seem as cut and dried, nothing seems quite genuine or real, ideals and meanings shift, and why things like gods and monsters are so important to us in fiction today

Is Blogging the Fanzine for the 21st Century?

I’m booked in for the following upcoming panels at Thylacon next month:

Are we ready to embrace the e-book?

Centrelink 2050 – what jobs will we lose to the new technologies?
(I get to wear my old Centrelink badge for this one – how cool is that?)

Should present lotsa fun and games.

Now, I need to pray upon my little success stone once more – I have an overdue uni assignment to submit! Eeek!