Staining the page

I’ll be heading out to Conflux next week, and will be doing a whole bunch of AHWA panels and hanging around the AHWA dealers table, so that should be a blast. I feel relaxed about this con.

Given the intended launch at Conflux of Morrigan Books’ Voices anthology, which contains my story “A Picture of Death” amongst plenty of other fine and deeply disturbing stories (notably by Robert Hood and Martin Livings), I thought it an opportune time to plug a couple of the books in which I’ll be making appearances:

VoicesFirst of all, the aforementioned Voices anthology. If you like your horror contained within the deceptively mundane environment of a hotel, you’ll love this nasty book.

Cthulhu's Dark CultsCthulhu’s minions reach into our world through dark souls yearning for power and glory. Cthulhu’s Dark Cults, edited by David Conyers, features work from the best Mythos writers in the business (including Aussies Penelope Love and David Witteveen, and yours truly). My contribution is the biggest in the book – a giant-sized novella dealing with a discovery beneath the mountains of Peru that has dire consequences for life on Earth. “Requiem for the Burning God” is perhaps the best thing I’ve ever written, and from what I’ve seen of the rest, I’d heartily recommend buying this book when it becomes available (late this year, I think!).