Spanish joy – a Premios Ignotus nomination!

Paura 4Today’s random piece of joy comes in the form of an unexpected award nomination. I love it when that happens!

Last year, my story “The Cutting Room” (aka “The Autopsy Room”) was translated into Spanish and published in the excellent “anthology of contemporary terror” Paura 4 (Bibliopolis, Spain).
As it turns out, this story was nominated for a Premios Ignotus (the fan-voted Spanish SF Awards, akin to the Hugos or Ditmars, I guess) for Best Foreign Short Story. Woot!
I was up against J. G. Ballard and Connie Willis, so I didn’t win the award (that upstart Ballard did, apparently), but I’d like to thank translators Juan Garcia Crown and Natalia Garrido Reyes for their hard work and the Paura team for publishing the story.
Between this and the awesomeness of the “Sobek’s Tears” illustration in Nowa Fantastyka a couple of years ago (which I’ll scan one of these days), I reckon European spec fic markets are made of awesome. I think it’s time to send some more submissions in their general direction!