Something Macabre this way comes

There’s a lot of stuff that will go unsaid following my trip to Melbourne’s Worldcon last month, but one thing I’ve been remiss in discussing is the release of Macabre: A Journey Through Australia’s Darkest Fears!

Years of Angela’s (and Marty’s) life was sucked into this landmark doorstop of an anthology. Years of mine, too, and particularly the past few months, as I had to come up with a new cover and a sexy layout for the 672 page behemoth.

In the coming weeks, I’ll post an excerpt or two of my delightfully twisted surrealistic fable, “Dark Heart Alley (An Urban Fable)” and a few other bits and bobs about the anthology. However, the important thing is that it’s out now.

That’s right. It’s available right now from bookstores (or at least, it should be) and from the Brimstone Press website.

All hype and bullshit aside, this is the best horror anthology ever published in Australia. It’s incredibly comprehensive and the story quality is brilliant. As Chuck McKenzie said in his recent HorrorScope review:

Macabre is, again, not a ‘best of’ (and could never be cited as such, given that most of the pieces in this section are original to this anthology), [but] the New Era section certainly reads like a Year’s Best list.

This is an anthology that doesn’t need a sales pitch from me (but if you’re going to listen to articulate guys talking about Macabre, listen to Steve, Gary, and Will here).

If there’s only ever one Australian horror book you’ll ever buy, make it this one.

I’ll leave the last words (for now) on Macabre to Chuck:

Macabre is destined to be regarded as a landmark Australian anthology – up there with Congreve’s Intimate Armageddons and Blackmore’s Terror Australis.